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Blaauwheim 5* Guest House

Diertjie, gogga of gediertetjie?

Posted on Sun November 22, 2020.

Hulle kom oor die weg op twee, vier, ses of selfs agt bene, met of sonder vlerke en vere. Hulle vreet en word gevreet. Hulle is Blaauwheim se tuinbewoners.

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Blaauwheim's Defence Force and Allies

Posted by Jo-Anne on Mon November 16, 2020.

The birds and the bees, the bugs and the beetles.

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Clivias Blaauwheim 5* Guest House style

Posted by Jo-Anne on Fri October 16, 2020.

But thereby hangs a tale!

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Blaauwheim 5* Guest House is a survivor

Posted by Jo-Anne on Sat October 10, 2020.

Since we started Blaauwheim in 2008, we have faced and overcome many problems. We will do so again.

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