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Signature fruit platters at Blaauwheim

Posted by Jo-Anne on Sun November 10, 2019.

Johan's individual platters of fruit art.

Johan has always loved to cook and be creative in the kitchen. He has honed his cutting skills to almost surgical perfection creating fruit platters pleasing to the eye and the palate. Some guests have called it "fruit art", too good to be eaten.

South Africa is a unique country blessed with both a west and east coast. This makes for growing all kinds of fruit from subtropical varieties like mangoes and litchis to everything the Cape with its Mediterranean climate has to offer. Abundance, variety and excellent quality are the prerequisites for Johan to give his imagination flight.

Creativity can be expressed in many ways. He has surprised many a guest with a themed platter eg. fruit creations of flags celebrating a national day, digits for a special anniversary or flowers and hearts for Valentine's Day.


Johan has a collection of gadgets with which he works. His cutting board for fruit is never used for anything else and he takes great care that there is no cross contamination of flavours.